Website modification

Your website is often the first point of contact for new customers, and you only get one chance to make a first impression!

Websites require regular updates for optimal functionality and to ensure that the site is running at top speed to reach your target audience. Our team of experienced developers can ensure that your content management system (CMS) is up to date, as well as making other modifications such as adding pages or blocks, changing your site’s design look/feel, updating content, correcting code or more.

Update and modification website

Don’t lose potential customers with a slow or outdated website, contact us now and see how we can help!

  • Mobile site creation
  • Add new pages and sections
  • Increase site speed
  • Add shopping cart and e-commerce facilities
  • Change site layout
  • And more

How much does a site modification cost?

Don't lose potential customers to a slow or outdated website, contact us now and see how we can help! In a short time Creatopus will eliminate any problems that prevent your business from fully developing. Expand and refine the functionality of the project, add new modules, perform error analysis, improve security, modify obsolete pages or do a complete redesign. Our specialists can easily cope with tasks of any level of complexity. The best guarantee of our competence is a consistently profitable and error-free website?


he cost depends on the condition of your site and what needs to be done - this is all individually discussed. Contact us for a cost and time estimate.

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