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Calculators for website

Our convenient inbuilt calculators can be tailored to your product or service to provide customers and clients with an instant cost estimation online.

Our calculators allow the customer to input the unit required as well as a number of other factors that may influence cost to receive a rough estimate of what they could expect to pay for your product or service. They can be tailored for any number of purposes across a wide variety of product or service based industries, and will save you time and money on quoting jobs.

Our product calculators can be configured to include variable factors such as colour, weight, length, quality and more, in order to produce an accurate estimate. These can be used for things such as construction materials like timber or flooring in order for customers to gage the cost of a potential renovation.

Our service calculators can estimate the approximate cost of a job by assessing the amount of time required and multiplying it by a unit price.

What calculators and configurators can we develop for your website?

This is very convenient, saving both your time and the client's time. Your customer will understand in advance how much your product or service costs and why the price is exactly the same. All you have to do is discuss the details of the order.

  • Calculating the cost of goods

    Let's say it's flooring or shoes. It would be very convenient for the customer to see at a glance how much it costs, and for you to understand how much the customer needs your products

  • Product configurator

    Depending on the options you choose, the total cost will vary, it can be any item. You can specify colour, weight, additional items and anything else you like

  • Service configurator

    The customer can choose the services they want, which will simplify the order and provide a more convenient service, as well as reduce the time it takes to process the order

How much does it cost to develop a custom configurator?

The configurator on the website helps save time for managers and customers, automates pricing processes and speeds up the order placement process. Depending on the requirements of your business, we will create for you modern configurators and calculators of any level of complexity. Contact us and describe what kind of configurator you need, what and how it should count. To get the picture, we can draw an approximate appearance on paper. We will study in detail the information you provide, select the best options for creating a configurator and contact you as quickly as possible to clarify the details.

The configurator will be installed by our specialists on your site for free.


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